A boutique medical communications agency that truly delivers

With 24 years of experience in delivering medical communications for the global pharma industry, Eastmond Medicomm is your perfect partner for commercial and medical affairs communications deliverables.



Using a quarter century of direct experience, we have designed a publications process that gets rid of procrastination and delay, and delivers rapid, laser-accurate published material in full compliance with industry standards, including GPP3 and ICMJE.

Live events

Eastmond Medicomm creates enjoyable events that stick in the mind long after they are over. Our creative team consistently delivers event branding that challenges norms. Our events are the only ones anyone remembers.

Digital media

If you can think of it, we can do it. If you haven’t thought of it, then we can deliver on that too — be it videos, animations, apps, games, VR, post-event USBs or the ‘next big thing.’


You can plan carefully, but ultimately you need to adapt. Eastmond Medicomm produces inspiring, pragmatic plans delivered in a manner that understands that everything changes all of the time.

Virtual model

We do not employ staff and we do not run premises. We build project-specific teams from the best, ex-director, medical communications specialists in the world. You can access the best delivery team there is while enjoying outstanding value for money.


Internal Medical Communications Leader

Challenge: “Can you join our medical affairs team as Medical Communications Leader? We need help with a very busy period.“ Response: Nigel joined the Medical Affairs team of a major blue-chip European pharma company. He quickly gained recognition for the delivery of live events and difficult publication projects. Nigel and his colleagues invented and oversaw …

Infographic-style posters

Challenge: “Can you produce scientific posters as an infographic?” Response: We already knew that infographics in their true sense are very hard to get approved by Legal/Regulatory, because they deal with proportions in area and dimension that are not represented by accepted scientific standards. We met the client in the middle by producing poster graphics …