Test fitting

IMG_2345Today was a special day for Colin and his leg, as the pair were unified for the first time in a test fitting at Pace Rehabiliation in Cheadle Hulme, near Manchester. In fact, to be accurate, Colin was not really trying on his new leg, rather he was there to adjust a test piece that will be remodelled as the finished item.


The photos on this page show the prototype with a clear cup and an adjustable metal strut. The cup is clear at this stage so that Howard Woolley of Pace can see how the leg, and the rubber seal that secures it, fit inside the pocket. In the bottom of the pocket is a malleable pad that conforms to the shape of Colin’s remaining leg muscle.


Colin then spent about an hour on a turbo trainer assessing if the new leg was causing any pain – in particular, he was looking for a telltale nag at the top of his pedal stroke, which had made the previous cycling leg quite painful to use.


Once happy with the prototype leg, Colin will instruct Pace to go into production and transfer the measurements to a new windtunnel-tested carbon fibre racing leg.




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