Medal success in Rio

Medal success in Rio
The Rio Paralympic Games are over, the athletes are all home, and Colin Lynch has already been spotted training on Long Hill near his home in the Peak District. He may be a little slower than before owing to the fact he is now weighed down with a shiny new silver medal from his fantastic podium-winning performance in the C2 individual time trial. Not only did he come second in the TT, he also competed hard for the other Irish cyclists in the C1-3 road race providing critical support on the road. A knee injury early in the Games made a podium finish in the C2 pursuit unlikely, and Colin finished fifth in that event.


16 September 2016; Colin Lynch of Ireland in action during the Men's C1-3 Road Race at the Pontal Cycling Road during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile

I was sitting in a cafe in Matlock Bath when the medal news came through – I was so excited, I immediately began telling anyone who would listen that Colin had bagged the silver using the carbon leg we had helped to fund. There is no doubt that the support Colin had was a major contributing factor to his success in Rio, and the new leg is a far better piece of engineering than the old, hurty one that jabbed Colin in the flesh every time he turned a pedal.


You can see the team coming home at the link below. Colin is pictured with his partner Sue in an obvious state of elation.


Photos from the TT podium are available here:

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