Our team

Nigel Eastmond
+44 1663 734690
Deborah Eastmond
+44 1663 734790
John Atkins
Event Manager
+44 7729 803768
Felicity Leigh
Senior Medical Writer
+44 1457 850844
June Hearne
Copy Editor
Joanne Ellen Stewart

The Eastmond Medicomm delivery team is comprised of hand-picked associates with years upon years of director-level experience in delivering sensational medical communications projects to a huge number of healthcare companies big and small.

All our associates are self-employed contractors themselves, and this means that not only do we keep our overheads low so that our clients get unbeatable cost savings, but it also means that everyone on the team has a vested interest in delivering the best they can every time.

We also choose people who are fun to work with, so a day working with us is never dull.

Our track record in delivery speaks for itself in the comments we receive from our clients, most of whom we count as friends. Look on this page for some stellar quotes.