Live events

Sparkling, effective, memorable.

Be it an advisory board or a symposium, Eastmond Medicomm always works from the same principle:

Our events are the only one anyone remembers.

While working within the strict guidance that has been handed down to the drugs industry, Eastmond Medicomm still finds the latitude to create enjoyable events that stick in the mind long after they are over.

Our creative team us second-to-none – it consistently delivers event branding that challenges norms and creates ‘campaign-able’ annual themes.

Butterfly skin syndrome was digitally carved into the bark of a tree for event theming for London event in 2020, weeks before COVID-19 lockdown.
Event delivery at EB2020, London
Known internally as ‘Mazeheart,’ this event theming took on an Alfred Hitchcock feel, complete with music from North By Northwest.
This is not actually a book. It is an event invite themed on Len Deighton novels