Standalone meeting


“Can you deliver a 200-delegate, 2-day standalone meeting with 21 speakers in a UK location?”


We assisted our client in fleshing out an agenda, and worked with the entire faculty to ensure that their slides looked great on the day. We skilfully managed some speakers who delivered their presentations via remote links. For theming, we reached into the archives of work for this client to identify an underused creative theme that could be adapted for the new meeting at minimal cost. We also engaged our trusted AV supplier to make sure that nothing could go wrong on the day.

Eastmond Medicomm staffed the main room and the lobby with its own, in-house Medical Writer and Events Manager to provide all the delegates with an enjoyable two days from check-in and badge collection all the way to the the lively Q&A.

The meeting room set up and ready to go. We projected to two screens,, and produced all the room dressing and print items you can see in the photograph. Coloured LEDs easily set the scene on a tight budget.
Our AV team working hard to ensure that content makes it to the screen unscathed. All that wiring shows how many backup systems we install to ensure we can deal with any eventuality.
A roomful of delegates enjoying the keynote speech. Some of the speakers delivered their talks remotely with no discernible lag.