Internal Medical Communications Leader


Can you join our medical affairs team as Medical Communications Leader? We need help with a very busy period.


Nigel joined the Medical Affairs team of a major blue-chip European pharma company. He quickly gained recognition for the delivery of live events and difficult publication projects. Nigel and his colleagues invented and oversaw a new annual programme of high-science events to support the disease franchise. Publications output was maximised by assembling high-quality cohorts of writers, statisticians and medical affairs leads in a ‘Skunkworks’-style operation that redefined what was possible with the existing clinical trial databases.

What was supposed to be a short stop-gap turned into a three-year contract with relationships and friendships that have extended far beyond that.

The day we turned the main auditorium in the Nice conference centre into the deck of a sailing ship, complete with an actor playing Charles Darwin shrouded in an atmospheric mist of dry ice. Nobody ever forgot this event or its central message,.